The Vision

Elevation: Rising

Do what defines you. It’s never too late to decide what your purpose is, right here, right now. Today can be the day you choose to live out your reason of existence. It truly is simple: find your happiness and grasp onto it. Manifest your dreams and bring them to life. You can’t blame anyone but yourself for not pushing your limits. Rid of all the excuses that have stopped you from pursuing your wildest of fantasies. Tomorrow you have different ambitions? That’s okay! As long as your energy is expelled toward growth, joy, and your own personal definition of feeling alive. Everyone has different goals. Everyone has their own vision of a well-spent life. So why not become the vision in your mind? Believe in success and believe in failures. Just like an arrow: you will have your drawbacks but learn from them and propel yourself forward. Forward onto the person you were truly meant to be. Always keep your elevation rising for your dedication will push you to your summit; your summit of success. Search for your path and dammit, make it a bizarre one. Let your definition be wild, unique, and as thick as a dictionary. Take every opportunity for a new experience – it just adds character.

My opportunity today is to spread my vision – my definition of a happy life. I want to be inspired and inspire others to get out there and search for their own enlightenment. To contribute to the concept of rewilding and be out in nature – where we are meant to be. To love the life you were given and take care of yourself under all the dimensions of wellness. To learn something new from every moment. To believe in the impossible and make it possible. To let go of any image or judgement that is holding you back from utter brilliance. Positivity is a blessing so lets spread it. But most importantly – for Elevation Rising to become a movement where everyone can be an inspiration. Let my writing aspire you to get out there and elevate yourself.

Thank you folks for reading and believing!

7/4/2018 – 4:21 pm – Duluth MN

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