Unexpected Euphoria


Unexpected: unforeseen; not expected.
Euphoria: feeling/state of intense excitement and happiness.

The combination of these two words perfectly describe our travels from Duluth to Grand Marais, MN. In one day we were able to pedal 120 miles and I got to say, we kicked butt on every mile. And the mileage didn’t stop there – an extra 30 miles was added on the next day; so 150 miles in two days – what a sweet treat. Never did I imagine that my dream of completing this trip was in my forecast; and it only took one day of planning to make it happen. Sometimes the best plan is to not have a plan at all – unawareness of the outcome is what life is about. Stop living in your future plans; the excitement originates from writing your story as you go. Make every day an opportunity to add some character to your overall narrative. Believe in failure and your wheels will stop spinning. Believe in success and you become limitless. Discover your serenity and what fulfills your days. You never know when your time comes to an end so start living your dreams now. Eliminate the distractions in your life and appreciate every moment you have to be alive. Life is a gift so start acting like it is. From there, find your gift and share it with the world. Nurture compassion and be kind to others. Identify your inner peace and shoot for the stars. Uplift yourself and always uplift others. When your surround yourself with positive like-minded people, you will soon find out you are capable of absolutely anything. Generate your environment so it is a splendid and a motivating one. Be grateful that our bodies allow us to be active and get out there. All the questions you have in your mind can be answered out in nature. Let go of technology and happiness will be found. Rid of the noise in your life and clarity is the result. Take every chance to experience something new and write about the lessons you learn. Take the time to look back and reflect on the journey that brought you here. You are stronger than you think and have a marvelous soul. Keep your elevation rising and you too can accomplish the craziest ideas in your head. Keep pedaling and I promise the destination is closer than you think. Keep faith in your journey and fall in love with your own novel. Achieve euphoria and let it be unforeseen – the conclusion is yours to enjoy.

Honorable mentions:

– Obviously my biking partner, Sydney Karels, for making this trip phenomenal and so grateful to have you in my life so we can accomplish epic shit together.
– Andrew, Customer Service Manager at Cook County Whole Foods Co-op, (and his mother) – thank you both for your wonderful kindness and the world is a better place because of your presence.
– Hunter from Grand Marais that paused his hammock session to photograph us after our long day of biking since Sydney’s phone died and I own a fancy flip phone.
– My roommate Jade for picking me up a mile down the road when I got a flat so Sydney and I could collect ourselves and figure out how the hell to fix a flat (HA) – go us!
– Being able to cross hitch hiking off the list when a local, Beth, picked us up and brought us to back to Grand Marais when we were 8 miles east of town without our bikes! Thumbs up baby!
– Lastly, the hundreds of cars that passed us and moved over for us, especially in areas where the shoulder is narrow. So thankful for everyone’s compassion and attention on the road!

7/20/2018 – 10:53 am – Cedar Coffee Company/Spokengear – Two Harbors, MN

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