Cheers to this Life


Fight for this life. Never loose your sense of wonder. We are creatures; mammals. Why have we lost our instincts? Our intuition? We are so connected to the digital world, why did we disconnect from nature? – especially when nature is what gives us life. Don’t you feel more alive when your outside compared to a temperature controlled home? Humans – why does our species compulsively feel the need to manage everything? Ecosystems can heal themselves if we actually let them; the world has secrets we will never understand. Instead of controlling nature – lets celebrate it and respect its marvelous power. Choose to go human-powered: bike, hike, walk. Prioritize your values and you will soon find out that living is the most basic and essential one. Build on this concept and frame your days around it. Do we really need money to be happy? Money allows us to buy all these things but in the end they overwhelm us and clutter our lives. Items also hold us back. They keep us from traveling, from vacation because we have to work those extra hours to pay those bills. Who in this world ACTUALLY owns every item they possess? Not many. When you rid of all the shiny, fancy, expensive things around you; you start to gain the world. You also gain time because work is not vital to pay for all these unnecessary things. Your time is valuable and when the work-load lessens, you have to ability to start focusing on your health and happiness. We get so caught up in chasing these financial dreams but forget that our wellness is what keeps us alive. Go to your local farmers market – make a fresh home-cooked meal – your body will thank you. After all these years of fueling ourselves with crap lets take the time and effort to fuel ourselves properly. You are what you eat and do you even know where your food comes from or how it was treated? How about all the chemicals, antibiotics, horomones, and tampering that food has gone through? Make a choice: do you either want to be happy, healthy, and vibrant or do you want to be miserable, busy, and worn-out? Yes, organic non-gmo foods are more expensive but what makes other food so cheap? – there lies the real question. Balance your day so you have the opportunity to be active, everyday. Sitting and laying down should be a treat, not a way of life. Your body is only as old and worn-out as your believe it is. So lets change our mentalities: age is just a number, it doesn’t limit you to your abilities. Strive to be fit for your WHOLE life. We can die at any moment so right now is always the right time to start your journey of wellness. Become aware of the unhealthy scripts in your life and reimagine new habits. Consistently work on creating those new behaviors and soon you will start reaching for that juicy apple instead of those processed, greasy chips. Or what about every time you believe you can’t accomplish something: tell yourself you are strong, courageous and are capable of anything. When your mental state is positive, success in the action is the result. Battle through those obstacles and the sense of achievement is so satisfying. Search for the ambitions in your life that elevate you. Ever felt that high after a workout or eating a clean and raw meal? Or how about the high of finding free-time to do whatever the heck you want? Dig deep into those moments and spark your soul. Never forget your origins and never forget to play – all the time. Appreciate the little things and soon the whole world seems to be a brighter place. Cheers to your life and this amazing opportunity to do whatever the f*** you want!! There are no deadlines, no routines that should stop you from absolute excellence and happiness.

*** Just a quick run-down of the meaning behind this picture. Cheers to the sunflower that I watched grow to this amazing height and bloom so graciously. Cheers to the one and only coffee cup I own because I believe in simplicity. Cheers to coffee because it energizes my soul and puts a smile on my face. Cheers to sticking with calisthenics and getting in the best shape of my life. Cheers to climbing because it has shaped me into the person I was meant to be. Lastly, cheers to this life because I know that I am finally following my dreams and believing in myself!

8/11/2018 – 9:26 am – Silver Creek

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