Embrace Your Weirdness


I believe that coffee awakens our soul. I know that a hearty breakfast fuels the machine within us. Play should be the only thing on your agenda. Your only excuse should be that you weren’t strong enough. Don’t shy away from your identity – embrace it. May your obsessions be healthy habits. Climb a mountain. Eat clean. Read a book. Get super inspired. Go out there and prove your not afraid of a challenge. Accept fear and overcome it. Love everything you have and if you don’t love it – get rid of it. You deserve to be happy so set yourself free. Free from the influences, people, and things that burden you. Heavily appreciate family and love ones. They are your past, present, and future so just love them unconditionally. Allow for things to reside in their natural state. Have you found your natural state? The sense of being where you are most alive, humble, and kind. A state where nothing is going to stop you from accomplishing your goals and aspirations. Enjoy nature always. Treat the world with appreciation for the life it has provided you. Respect the ground you walk on, and I wish that you blaze your own trail. I believe the happiest of individuals practice simplicity. Minimalism is a true blessing. May the wind blow you around. Your sense of wonder and imagination should never fade away. Support causes and clubs that support you and your lifestyle (hence The AAC). Believe in your summit and the journey that is laid out for you. Consistently keep your elevation rising. Focus on all the dimensions of wellness and believe in progress. You have opportunities everyday to progress positively – why not seize the moment every time? Throw your whole self into everything you do – actions speak louder than words. Enjoyed the experience? – cultivate that joy. Didn’t enjoy the experience? – learn from it. Let change be the only constant thing in your life. You were born with feet, not roots. Being adaptive is a serious skill. Seek out what inspires you and put in the work. Commitment yields benefits. Become aware of your accomplishments and relish in your failures. Become aware of your weaknesses – turn them into strength. Don’t deny the shortcomings but allow every chance for improvement. What words would you use to describe yourself? Think deep and change your definition if it doesn’t align with your values. What would you be remembered by? Accept your mortality and remember to live – everyday. Find passion and breed it. Inhale inspiration, exhale action. Get uncomfortable, travel, experience new cultures. Learn from their morals and reason for existence. Let adventure drive you. And lastly remember that life is weird and go with the flow – you never know what might float your boat.

– Enjoying your first sip of coffee in the morning outside is absolutely magical. My happiness scale is proven by the wrinkles around my eyes. You can’t see when your smile is so big it takes up your whole face hahahaha.
– Embrace your weirdness and love how you look in the morning – you just took care of yourself by letting your body reset for another beautiful day.
– I definitely recognized that I have no business taking selfies after having a technology detox so this was a one and done and felt great. Too much time is spent worrying about what you look like in picture – its more about capturing the moment.
– No filters because let’s be real everyone.
– Set your intentions early and go chase after them. You have all fucking day – time is not the dilemma.
– So my personal intention was to have a rad day. Outcome: playing at the cabin with friends, stimulating conversations, proudly loosing in a super awesome badminton tournament, being re-birthed by diving the jet ski into the water many times, and lastly enjoying this fall stormy weather.
– Love life and live happy – it’s so simple folks. Also climb rocks if your into that sorta thing. That is all – hope y’all enjoyed your day!

8/27/2018 – 9:54 am – Silver Creek – Cadotte Lake

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