Lesson No. 8


[ Stay grounded. ]

The Earth has an electrical current – connect to it. Recharge your core. Your soul deserves healing. The damage physically, mentally, and spiritually accumulates.

Center yourself on this planet – trust your path. The direction your pointed in is where your wheels will travel. Become aligned and you’ll ride with ease.

Stand tall, and stand wise. Allow yourself to absorb the ground. Be ready for action – we were born with feet not roots. We are meant to grow but not upward –  inward.

Sometimes life is an uphill battle – but know the work is well worth the effort. Feel the trail – become one with the ground. Once you achieve this awareness – my dear I hope you leap. Jump into the unknown. But remember to pull your energy downwards – for the Earth has knowledge and power far beyond man.

Rattlesnake Recreational Area – Missoula, MT – 5/28/2019

Lesson No. 7


[ Observe the sunrise. ]

Wake up with the natural rhythm of the Earth. Get outside and watch the sunrise. Set your intentions for the day – let them be as colorful as the sky.

What do you have to accomplish? What do you want to accomplish? Work your desires first then the obligations will come naturally. You have the power to do absolutely anything with your day – what’s stopping you?

So my attempt to see the sunrise every day has been far from 100% successful. But every time I get my butt out the door to observe the dawn – my attitude towards the day is quite peaceful. Did you know that another definition for observe is: [to celebrate; to see or sense through careful attention.]

To take the time every morning to awaken your senses, to celebrate that your alive – so profound. You have this amazing opportunity to do these amazing things – start pushing your limits. Your never going to regret living your life.

Write down your intentions – set goals for yourself because who else is going to? You will find that boundaries are meant to be found and overcome. Wake up early – go do rad things. Be active upon waking – it sets you up for a healthier day. Cook a bomb breakfast – our movements/attitudes are dependent upon how we fuel ourselves.

Know that every day is a new beginning. Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow – live for the present. Be grateful for the light – learn from it. To understand the dawn is to understand that you too can develop your masterpiece. Become the artist of your life – don’t let anyone or anything stop you from creating your vision.

Palisade Head, MN – 4/17/2019

Lesson No. 6


[ Learn to be alone. ]

Find comfort in your own company. Don’t rely on others to bring you happiness – you are the source of light. Practice self-love & care, always.

Seek silence and relish those moments. Reflect. Observe the world around you. Explore. Cultivate your sense of wonder. Why did we grow up?

Play should always be on the agenda. Get lost in the woods. Become a kid again. Who were you before the world told you? Confront your past so you can move on with your future.

It’s simple: the more time you spend with yourself, the more you learn about yourself. Dig real deep. Understand your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Achieve purity within yourself.

The deeper you care for yourself, the deeper you can love the world and all it encompasses. Take time to be alone – you will come to find the space where you thrive. Your soul deserves it.

Lesson No. 5


[ Embrace the rain. ]

Play in the rain my dear. Perpetually soak in new experiences. Every drop may present a fresh opportunity.

Just like the planet, you too can cleanse yourself and restart. The ideas you water will grow – choose wisely.

Learn that you can re-invent your life – at any time. Habitual behavior that is not yielding growth – flipping change them. You get this one chance to live – why not start today?

Intentionally get caught in a storm. Realize how small you truly are. Understand that you might only be a raindrop to this world – but you can cause a ripple effect. Align your values – act upon them. Your actions speak way louder than words.

Reflect and shape into your reflection. Absorb everything you possibly can. Your intentions absolutely matter. Become the change you wish to see in the world. Your impact does make a difference.

Every drop serves a purpose. Find your meaning in life and chase after it – just like the rain chases a storm.


Lesson No. 4:


[ Enjoy the ride. ]

Isn’t life just this big ole cruise? We have ups – we have downs. There is times that we get lost and times we travel the path with expertise.

But honey, I hope you stand your ground. Know what inspires you to keep riding and what stops you in your tracks. Don’t follow the well-beaten trail – be aware you are capable of blazing your own.

Pedal wisely and hold on to those handlebars tight – trust the ride. Move with the flow. Wisdom may only be gained through experience. Fully immerse yourself into the unknown.

Allowing doubts to fill your head removes you from the present. Stop it. We are meant to live for right here, right now. Remember: it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

What did you learn? What moments intoxicated you? Relish within those memories and keep on riding. The adventure only starts by stepping on those pedals. Your capability lies within your mindset – you project your reality.

Fucking believe in yourself and practice confidence. Stop apologizing for your existence. We all have gifts – lets share em. The energy you give is the energy you receive. Get out there and surround yourself with rad people.

Enrich yourself with inspiration and live through your motivation. Strive for humility and life just gets a little sweeter. Understand that each turn presents a new opportunity. Your direction is not solidified – turn your wheels around if your not pursuing your dreams.

Sedona, AZ – 3/21/2019

Lesson No. 3


[ Why so serious? Choose humor. ]

Plumber’s Crack (V0) – a crack you’ll enjoy time after time scooting your way up.

The humor in climbing is endless. Route names – priceless. Sometimes you just climb it for the name – to see what the adventure is all about – kind of like Unimpeachable Groping (10b).

Life is much more enjoyable on the lighter side. Thank you to the climbing community for showing me this concept. We all work hard while playing hard. Life’s too short not to climb up a wall called the Panty Wall.

[Examples include]:
-Super Trooper Lookin’ at My Pooper (V7) – watched a friend work through       snow/wind/rain.
-Tribal War (11b) – shaking in my boots wanting to cry before this lead.
-Sparerib (5.8) – my first multi-pitch outside. No headlamps.
-Epinephrine (5.9) – it kicks everyone’s ass. No explanation necessary.
-Risky Business – (10c) – crazy start from an island, crazy time rapping off through a   storm.
-Driving in Duluth (11a/b) – a bat flew out of the crack and hissed in my face.
-Frigid Air Buttress (5.9+) – giddy thinking about that crack on the last pitch.
-Oz (12b) – never been so humbled being thrown off dozens of times.

And I could go on with stories.

The point is: life can be heavy but the weight is your choice. Rid of the things and influences that cause the burdens in your life. All those examples include some kind of misfortune or an obstacle that had be overcome. But it didn’t stop me from gaining memorable moments while sharing it with amazing people.

Seek out the humor in everything. Laugh about the good and the bad. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Get outside and go play. Stop worrying about tomorrow or yesterday – live for today, live for right now. Rising your elevation through happiness and health is a great way to start your climb.

5/25/2019 – Bozeman, MT

Lesson No. 2


[ Make a plan. Don’t always dive. ]

Most of my life, I have completely thrown myself in everything I pursue. No looking back – whole body, mind, spirit. No training, just belief.

This lifestyle has given me amazing experiences with amazing people. I’ve tried many things, seen many places, and gained various perspectives.

I’m reaching a point in my life where a plan actually sounds lovely. Taking time to construct a rough draft, putting in the effort consistently. To become more experienced and professional in my pursuits – a great goal. Making training plans.

So with my new assignment of writing a lesson for the day, every day: I’m starting by doing it for 34 consecutive days. No excuses, no rest days. Why 34? Well it’s a special number to me: I see it EVERYWHERE – for the past two years!

Accomplishing a task every day for 34 days sure is a great way to develop new habits and kick the old ones. You can also practice this with your mentality. Become aware of your thoughts and how it affects your reality. Rewrite them if they are not conducive to growth and well-being.

With my experience, this is the perfect length of time as long as you stay motivated and dedicated. Along with writing, I will also be running every day for 34 days – got to train for the Ridge Run! Some long, some tough, some short, and some easy runs – just as long as I stay with the program.

So I’m making a plan and sticking to it! I am wildly excited. I was overwhelmed with excitement I dove into Hyalite Reservoir (elevation: 6,700′) after my run today. Pursuit started in the rain and ended with hail – I praise the storms. Proof that nature’s power is stronger and wiser than any human.

Become in touch with nature – it has all the secrets of life. Go out and live! Dive into freezing water to feel alive: always. But remember to plan out the rest of the stuff. If you have a wild idea – take action. If you never go out and try – you’ll never know the outcome. Believe in yourself – the rest will follow.

[[ watch the full video – check out my instagram: @elevation.rising ]]

5/24/2019 – Community Co-op – BZN